Deck Pressure Washing & Sealing 

We pressure wash all exposed surfaces to safely  remove dead wood fibers, dirt and mildew from deck, with a safe deck cleaner solution, as soon as the pressure wash has been complete, We apply a wood brightener solution to restore the natural color of the wood and prepares the wood for the sealer/stain application.  Once the wood is clean We apply premium wood sealer sealer or stain, to safely protect your wood from the harmful effects of the sun, rain and snow. We will help you choose the right color for your deck. Then your deck will be protected against water damage, rot and decay. Depending on the location of your deck and how often it is used, it may be necessary to do a lihgt yearly cleaning and re-sealing.


 Recent ongoing studies conducted by the EPA indicate that there are more reasons than you might think to have your deck and fence restored by a professional. If your deck or fence was built before January 1, 2004 and in some cases after, then chances are your deck was treated with CCA (Chromate  Copper Arsenate).  This product was used to protect wood from dry rot, fungi, molds, termites, and other pests that can threaten  the integrity of wood products. This chemical is dangerous if ingested or inhaled. Studies suggest that applying certain penetrating coatings (e. g.,  semi-transparent stains, or tinted seal (toners)  on a regular bases (one re-application per year or every other year depending upon wear and weathering, may reduce the migration of wood preservatives from CCA-treated wood. In selecting a coating, consumers should be aware that, in some cases, "film-coating" or non-penetrating stains, such us Latex semi-transparent, Latex opaque and oil based opaque, and all solid stains on out doors surfaces such as decks, and fences are not recommended, as subsequent peeling and flaking may ultimately have an impact on durability as well as exposure to the preservatives in the wood. Homeowners should leave the cleaning process up to a professional with the proper safety equipment.

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